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Frequently Asked Questions...

The "Peticure" nail trimmer.?

Saw the “Peticure” advertisement on television this evening.

Has anyone used this tool before? Does it really make it easier to trim dog and cat nails? I wonder, is it worth the $29.99 that it costs?

Or are there similar products that last longer and work more effectively?

LogicosAnthropos & RJ – It's not an actual pedicure. "Peticure" is the product label, learn to read. If it works as well as said, it does not give the same results as actual nail clipping. It files the nails down with ease, reducing any sort of pressure on the quick and saves the dog from pain should the quick be cut. It shapes the nails so they are not rigid and prevents splitting. Now please, don't throw in your unnecessary input when you have no idea on the matter. Thank you.

Best Answer...


I've never personally used the product, but I can say that my all-time favorite (after using all sorts of "made-for-pets" nail products) is a dremmel with the sanding attachment. It's a bit pricey, but as a groomer and a pet owner, I say it's worth the extra cash to not have to keep buying different tools that break.

I use it on my own dog all the time. Of course, I wouldn't use it on ANY longhaired breeds (I shave my poodle's feet, so it doesn't count for him) until you are comfortable using it, because any rotary tool could possibly wrap and rip the animal's hair....

I do prefer filing because of the tendency for nails to crack/splinter/explode when getting trimmed, particularly in aged pets with weak nails or neglected pets with overgrown nails. I would say, if it has a warranty that's more than a month, try that bugger.

As far as cat nails go, I never NEVER would consider filing. They're just too difficult to safely restrain if they do start to kick, and I'd be afraid of injury. Plus, cutting them is so easy with the little scissors-style cutters, and I couldn't imagine trying to extend claws while filing AND trying to hold the paw steady. I just let 'em scratch a post or something after trimming the nails, when it comes to felines.

The product I strongly DON'T recommend is the Master Grooming Tools rotary file tool. I don't have a problem with this brand, but the particular product is bogus. I had mine die 3 times in a row, they replaced it for free, but then it broke again, and REALLY stopped being worth the hassle to get it replaced!

I also like the dremmel because they're rugged, replacement parts are readily available at a lot of hardware stores, and I like to use it for crafts and household stuff too n_n

If you're using this for professional grooming services, I've never known any nail grinder that cheap to last more than about a month or two, unfortunately. But I guess it depends on the volume of dogs you use it on.

Just be careful that no dogs's nails overheat from the friction! I blow on them as I do it (to blow the dust away, too) and clip first if the nails are severely, severely overgrown.

Either way, good luck n_n