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Frequently Asked Questions...

Can gelatin raw materials get infected with BSE in a production plant, during the production process?

Say that the raw material is 100% safe and that it comes from BSE free animals.

If there was any raw material infected with BSE in the factory at some point before the making of this current raw material, would there be any chance of the raw material getting infected with prions through their remainings (if any) on the machines used in the production process of the gelatin from BSE-infected raw material?

I am asking this because I know that a similar disease CJD can be transmitted through neuro-surgical equipment, and that they are highly resistant to sterilization etc....

Is there any risk this way?

Best Answer...


yes. they are constantly checking for the presence of prions in the livestock chain, but that is possible. and scary because we may all have been infected already and we won't know for another couple of decades. prions can even spontaneously change isoforms, so you could be vegan and still die from a spongiform encephalopathy. however this is also extremely rare.

watch out for wild deer and elk in the states as well as infectios prions are endemic.