Surgical Instruments

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Zimmer Knee Replacement For Women


One of the latest developments in Orthopaedics is the development of "Customizable" Knee Replacements. What makes this knee alternative completely different from the extra traditional approaches? The knee to get replaced will probably be scanned by MRI or CT to chart the exact dimensions of the knee. Utilizing a special software program program, the mapped dimensions of the knee, in its present arthritic state, are translated into a three-D model of the knee. The "custom" a part of the knee alternative is the creation of custom chopping guides used for the affected person's surgery. These guides replicate the original anatomy of the knee by correcting deformities brought on by arthritis or trauma and allow the surgeon to more exactly put together the affected person's bone for implantation. The surgeon can even more closely determine which measurement implant is appropriate for the patient. The guides additionally support in the placement of the implant in order that the knee more closely approximates the patient's pure leg alignment.

What are the advantages of Customizable Knee Implants?

Because it is a comparatively new technology, there are no lengthy-term research displaying comparing the recovery times or outcomes for patients who receive a Customizable Knee Implant with traditional knee replacements. However, there are several anticipated benefits from use of this technology:

· Affected person satisfaction is anticipated to be better as the implant will more closely replicate their very own anatomy. As a result, the patient will turn out to be accustomed to their implant more quickly, presumably rehabilitate from surgery extra rapidly and have a quicker return to their daily activities.

· Because of the expertise used to create the customized knee implants, the surgeon is extra simply in a position to carry out the knee replacement without disturbing the ligaments and tendons surrounding the knee, such as the posterior cruciate ligament. Less disruption of those tissues will allow for faster restoration time, less scar tissue and fewer post-operative soreness.

· These surgical procedures require fewer surgical devices than conventional replacements. That translates into fewer patient infections precipitated by utilizing surgical devices which can have been uncovered to bacteria in the working room.

What are the drawbacks?

Some surgeons believe that utilizing a customizable knee is much less dependable and can present much less stability for sufferers within the long run. Different surgeons consider that customizable knee replacements will have to be revised (changed again) more shortly than different conventional knee replacements. Again, extra lengthy-term information is required to provide a definitive answer.

How Do I Resolve What Implant is Right For Me?

Based on the out there data and studies, several surgeons at Orthopaedic and Spine Middle have chosen to offer the Customizable Knee Alternative as a service to our patients, as a result of they really feel it's a good option for successful joint replacement. Our surgeons also provide the traditional method to knee alternative for our patients. The bottom line: Do your analysis and focus on all options with your physician. She or he will best give you the option that will help you resolve which knee replacement possibility will give you the results you want, based mostly on:

· Your age

· Your total well being

· Your weight

· Any existing medical conditions

If you may have any questions, regarding this or some other procedure, our physicians and staff will be pleased to provide the answers you could make the best determination for you.

At find information regarding knee replacements for women and total knee replacement for women.

A New Robo Surgeon Requires Just One Incision (preview) (Scientific American)

Modern laparoscopic surgeries may be minimally invasive, but they still
require multiple incisions. To make laparoscopies even less intrusive,
scientists and surgeons at Columbia University and Vanderbilt University have
built a robot that can enter the body through a single 15-millimeter incision
or through a natural opening like the mouth. Once inside the body the robot,
which has not yet been tested in humans, unfolds like a NASA spaceship,
communicates its position through a wire connected to an external computer,
and follows instructions to advance, stop, tie sutures and perform other
actions. It comes with a camera that tracks the movements of surgical
instruments and projects them onto a computer console. Developers say it could
perform appendectomies, hysterectomies, some types of kidney surgery, and
possibly ear and throat surgery.


Scientific American

surgical instruments

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Surgical Instruments

Frequently Asked Questions...

Medical malpractice: do we need laws putting caps on lawsuits?

In my opinion, the only time malpractice suits should be for anything more than actual damages is when they stem from gross negligence or incompetence. A doctor sews a surgical instrument up in a patient, his a** is twisting in the wind.

Medicine is not a perfect science. Patients respond differently to the same treatments; doctors don't always have all of the relevant information; decisions sometimes have to be made quickly without the aid of all possible diagnostic tests. Plus it is often difficult or impossible to know who will have what side effects.

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